2017-02-23 17:25 - Delay in confirmation mail delivery

The delay in e-mail delivery is now solved!

2017-02-17 16:26 - XZC coin in Maintenace mode + Trading stopped

After an urgent request from XZC developers, we have stopped all deposit / withdraw of XZC and all trading!
The reason is that XZC has been target for a chain attack!

Stay tuned, we will update when we got more information

2017-02-16 19:41 - MSCN wallet in Maintenance

Random transactions will not get confirms on the MSCN Network
We have contact MSCN Dev and waiting for a solution for thiis issues

2017-02-13 19:29 - SCN swapping to MSCN

Swiscoin will start a swap from SCN to MSCN.

Users of Novaexchange will be able to use the coinswap service for this. Only for those coins already available here as they send limited supply.

Do not send any new SCN to Novaexchange as they will not be processed.

Swap SCN to MSCN here:

2017-02-10 17:17 - DNET -> PIVX

Darknet has new name and ticker, PIVX, make sure your wallet is up-to-date

2017-02-10 16:01 - TGC Market information

TGC Market is been closed and TGC putted in Maintenance mode after request from TGC-developers due to wallet issues

Developers is working on an urgent wallet-update for TGC
Stay tuned for more information

2017-02-06 11:22 - Regarding Swiscoin SCN wallet on Novaexchange

Novaexchange updated the wallet a few days after the SCN blockchain hack took okace which rolled back the chain over 30 days. After a lot of help with the dev they released a new version which includes checkpoints to the chain. Novaexchange is running the official and working version of the SCN wallet - so far nothing has showned that our wallet has any issues. We are in contact with the dev to sort out any remaining questions.

If you are unsure about our SCN version - please contact support and we will answer your questions.

2017-02-01 07:25 - Stake your Novapoints

You may withdraw and stake your Novapoints. And if you do not have any Novapoints you can get some in the BTC_NPOINT market.

Download the wallets here:

Happy staking

2017-01-24 20:32 - Spectrecoin - Updated ticker -

Ticker for Spectrecoin is updated from SPEC to XSPEC after request from Spectrecoin Developers

2017-01-20 15:10 - ABN Coin Relaunch

ABN COIN is relaunched one more time, because of blockchain issues
A completly new wallet is created, and old depositaddresses will not work


All coins will be replaced by ABN coin developers
Trading will start when all coins is replaced

We are sorry for this inconvinience!

2017-01-13 10:08 - TAO ticker update to XTO

Ticker for TAO is changed to correct ticker XTO

2017-01-12 23:16 - SPEC Spectrecoin important information

There is an old coin running with ticker SPEC, our Spectrecoin (SPEC) currency is a newly released coin!!
Be sure that you send your SPEC transaction from correct blockchain

Check walletversion and blockheight before deposit or withdraw coins to make sure you are doing the transaction on correct blockchain!!

Novaexchange will not replace lost coins depending on transactions sended from wrong blockchain

2017-01-11 16:51 - XENIXCOIN - Solution found for broken transactions from C-CEX

We now have a wallet avaliable that is synced on C-CEX fork of Xenixcoin blockchain to help our users get lost coins back, depended on the Xenixcoin multiple blockchains running.
This wallet is only accessible by administrators and to get your lost XEN back, all affected users had to contact us on e-mail:

To get your transaction sent back to C-CEX you will have to provide the following information to us:
Your Novaexchange XEN depositaddress for the broken transaction
Txid for the broken transaction
Your C-CEX Xenixcoin depositaddress

When we have validated your transaction details we will send the transaction back to your C-CEX address and respond on e-mail with txid for the transaction, our target is to process all requests of XEN transactions within 48 hours after requested.

2017-01-11 08:33 - Delisting of coins

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 28 February 2017
Most of the coins has no connection to wallet, if any user has working nodes to some of these coins, please send us an e-mail, so withdrawals can be possible

Coins that will be delisted:

ARI, Aricoin
ARI2, Aricoin2
BTC21, Bitcoin21
CHOOF, Choofcoin
COX, Cobracoin
DIFF, Difficultycoin
GHS, Ghscoin
HUN, Hundredcoin
KANE, Kanecoin
MIN, Miningeth
MOJO, MojocoinV2
NEOS, Neoscoin
RADI, Radical
XAB, TheAltcoinBoard
XPAY, Xpay
ZECD, Zcashdark

2017-01-09 22:10 - Increased fee on IFC withdrawals

The fee on Infinitecoin transactions has increased by IFC wallet to 200 IFC per withdrawal, regardless of size on the withdrawal.
For that reason, we had to increase our withdrawal fee to 200 IFC per withdrawal

2016-10-12 00:16 - ARI, CJ and TPG Base markets will close.

The basemarkets of ARI, CJ and TPG will close down due to low trading volumes. The will be closed 19th October 2016 and any open orders will be automatically closed and funds returned to your account.

New markets will take their place - to be announced at a later time.

2016-10-06 16:14 - Delisting of coins

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 22nd October 2016. AMC, Angelamerkelcoin
BTCS, Bitcoinscrypt
CHRG, Charged
CLINT, Clinton
DCK, Dickcoin
ELC, Elacoin
FLX, Flashcoin
GAY, Gaycoin
IBANK, iBankcoin
LIFE, Lifecoin
MARV, Marvelous
RCX, Redcrowcoin
RED, Redcoin
SIC, Smartinvestcoin
VENE, Venecoin
VGC, Vegascoin
WLC, Worldleadcurrency
XNLC, Nonolivescoin

2016-10-03 19:32 - ZCoin ticker update ZCOIN to XZC

Changed the wrongly ticker ZCOIN to XZC which is the correct and official one, any orders placed has been closed. Please create new orders!

2016-09-16 11:05 - Renamed tickers

The following coins has their ticker renamed:


2016-09-10 23:48 - Espers (new chain) markets is open

Espers (new chain) markets have opened using the same trading pairs as the old chain.

2016-09-10 23:48 - Espers (old chain) markets will close

Espers (old chain) markets will close in the next following days. All open orders will be automatically closed and you will be recommended to swap your old Espers for new Espers in the coinswap page.

2016-09-10 08:32 - Espers swap incoming

Espers is planning a swap 10:1 starting today going two months. Novaexchange is having a dialog with the devs and to try to make this transaction smooth for everyone.

The ESP Markets will stay open until the swap is completed.
Espers2 (lets call it that for now), markets will open when Novaexchange get the source code

Stay tuned for more information in how Novaexchange will take part in this swap.

2016-09-04 13:52 - New feature, trash balance.

If you have a very small amount that you cannot trade or withdraw, consider trashing it. It will reset your balance to zero and give you a cleaner list when hiding zero balances. The coins trashed will be a donation to Novaexchange.

2016-09-01 12:18 - Some new listed older coins! Welcome!

Old coins just listed!

Welcome to the family!

MMC Memorycoin
PIGGY Piggycoin
SILK Silkcoin
WDC Worldcoin
ABY ArtBytes
ADN Aiden
GAP Gapcoin
HYP HyperStake
IFC InfiniteCoin
MINT Mintcoin

2016-08-19 20:32 - Coins that will be delisted 31th August 2016

Check the balances page for which coins are marked for delisting and withdraw any balance you have. The coins will be delisted 31th August 2016.

$TRA, Tetra
404, 404coin
42, 42 Coin
ASPIRE, Aspirecoin
BITS, Bitstar
BRAIN, Braincoin
BRDD, Bearddollars
BRXT, Brexit
CLAM, Clams
EXC, Extremecoin
FIBRE, Fibre
FWEE, Fweebies
GBT, Gamebetcoin
IEC, Ivugeocoin
INV, Invictus
LAB, ScienceChain
MCASH, Multimillionaire
MYR, Myriadcoin
N7, Number7
OCOW, Onecoinoneworld
OMC, Omnicoin
PSP, Pospro
RADS, Radium
RBC, Robocoin
SHREK, Shrekcoin
SIL, Sixeleven
STA, Stakerscoin
TRC, Terracoin
VRC, Vericoin
XYAY, Yaycoin2016
YAY, Yaycoin (original)

If Novaexchange is missing nodes for any of the coins listed here, please provide nodes to successfully make the withdrawals.

2016-07-16 17:51 - KUBO Kuboscoin has been updated

KUBO Kuboscoin has been updated to the latest version.

2016-07-16 12:05 - CSC Casinocoin has been updated

CSC Casinocoin has been updated to the latest version, you may find the source here: ANN Thread

2016-07-08 08:00 - IMPORTANT! Fedoracoin TIPS listed is on the new correct forked chain.

Fedoracoin (TIPS) listed on Novaexchange is using the new forked chain which is the correct chain. See for more information. The community have decided to fork the chain due to the problems with TIPS the last few months. Depositing or withdrawing TIPS must have the correct chain, upgrading the wallet will loose any coins earned after the fork only. Any coins earned before the fork will still reside in your wallet.
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