StarCash (old chain)
Rupaya (old chain)



2018-07-09 13:07 - More details on Coins, Forks, Swaps & Wallets

Splendid Nova people!

We are working hard to get everything ready for a late summer grand re-opening of Nova Exchange (exact date pending, will get back to you on that).
While you wait, here is the current and very latest information from our development team.
As always, get in touch with support if you have any questions.

Wallets currently in maintenance:

FUNK - In maintenance while waiting for our tech team to install an update to improve fee estimation.
TRC - In maintenance waiting for our tech team to install a mandatory update.
SLM - There are integration issues between the SLM wallet and Nova.
XC - In maintenance waiting for our tech team to install a mandatory update.
XCN - There are integration issues between the XCN wallet and Nova.
BLOCK - In maintenance waiting for our tech team to install a mandatory update.
DNR - In maintenance waiting for our tech team to install a mandatory update.
LBTC - In maintenance waiting for our tech team to install a mandatory update.
VSX - In maintenance waiting for our tech team to install a mandatory update.

Swaps and forks:

NLX - We will swap to the new NLX chain within a few weeks. Customers who do not wish to take part in the swap are encouraged to withdraw their funds before the swap. Specific dates will be announced in good time.
STAR - Swaps to STARS. We will swap all coins to the new chain. As the old chain is dead, it is unfortunately not possible for customers to withdraw any funds before the swap.
TRIBE - Trading, withdrawals and deposits is suspended while we investigate if we can follow the new TRIBE fork, or if we need to stay on the old DAS chain.
MRNG - This coin have had a community fork, Eidas (EDS). We will attempt to list Eidas as well, and provide users that had balance on the fork date the same balance in Eidas. There has also been a swap. We have decided, for now, to not swap to the new fork. If customers wish to swap their coins to the new chain we encourage you to withdraw MRNG.

That is all for now, stay tuned.

2018-07-04 04:01 - Delistings & Rescues Sorted

Final verdict is in for the assets announced for delisting on may 18 and 28.

Assets to be delisted:

Aaaand.... the saved assets are (a big hand to Team Nova):

Check your holdings and our earlier messages on this page, and drop a line to support with any questions. Happy trading everybody!

2018-06-30 20:29 - Status of delisting

Coins that have been delisted:

Coins that we are still trying to save (may be delisted soon, may stay on novaexchange):

2018-06-29 20:31 - Delisting and Rescue(!) News

Dear Nova traders, Some delistings are now starting to happen.

As announced here, on 18 may and 28 may, a few assets will be delisted from the exchange for various reasons. The assets announced are being delisted starting today. Please check your holdings and our earlier messages on this page.

However... We will manage to keep some assets on the exchange. A complete list will follow.

Hooray for crypto & Happy Trading!

Please do check in with support if you have any questions.

2018-06-21 13:47 - OK! Drumroll please!

Novaexchange is now open for deposits in 4 additional currencies:
1. BitcoinCash (BCH)
2. Dash (DASH)
3. Ethereum (ETH)
4. Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Also, we have made some tough choices and are currently setting up procedures to accept new customer on Nova.

2018-06-20 09:12 - Nova Moving Forward!

News/Progress. Within 24 hours Nova Exchange will allow for deposits in 4 additional currencies. Stay tuned! ALSO! A date for registering new customers is coming really soon now. We want to be damn sure to keep our promises, so this one will be set in stone.

2018-06-18 00:43 - Wallet maintenence and downtime

Nova suffered some unplanned downtime tonight due to a power failure. We' e back online now.

However we're also taking the time to migrate some wallets to new hardware to prevent future downtime. Therefore withdrawals will not be available for all wallets for a few hours.

2018-05-31 11:24 - Fabulous Nova traders! Here's what's going on.

First of all, it is SO GREAT to see that so many of you are trading, we have seen a 1150% (!) increase of overall daily trades so far, and your deposits are continuing to flow into the market. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin!

We can see from the flow of questions we receive that many of you are passionate about the future and the next step for Nova Exchange!

So. Of course we want to keep you in the loop on what is up next for Nova!

Well! Our next step will be to accept deposits in several other assets/coins/tokens than we do today. The ambition is to open deposits in ALL currencies as soon as possible, but that might take a few weeks.
After that, our plan is to onboard most of the latest top 20 forks and coins that are currently not represented on Nova.

Then we want to open the gates for new costumers and new coins, so please let all your crypto friends know, that if they are patient, they will, in a not too distant future, trade on a new, faster, safer, and better looking Nova Exchange!

If you have any questions, please let us know in the trollbox, or shoot an e-mail to our support!

We sure have our work for the next 20 days or so cut out for us.

Happy Days!

//Team Nova!

2018-05-28 16:58 - Large spread

Dearest, patient, Nova traders!

It has come to our attention that the Bid Price v. Ask Price has a very large spread.
In order to give Nova (and yourselves) the start it deserves, we would be very grateful if you could have a look and if interested adjust these levels so trades can commence.

Thank You and Happy trading!

2018-05-28 16:54 - More delistings

Dear Nova traders!

As you know from our previous statement we are reopening deposits for you all ANY MINUTE NOW.

As we strive to keep Nova free from scams and broken assets we have red-flagged 30 assets to be delisted.

The delisted coins are

However, there are more assets to be processed, and some are likely to be delisted.
As usual, all Nova traders will have 30 days notice counting from the date the asset was red-flagged.
To avoid new deposits transferred to any assets being delisted, we will add those being processed to the current group flagged for delisting.
To keep things as fair and simple as possible we will red-flag all coins currently in review process for delisting in 30 days from today, 28 May.
Some will make it. Some will not.
We encourage traders to do their own research.
We will never stop working for Nova the be best place to make great profits, by trading with great assets.

Keep the Nova fire burning!

/Team Nova

2018-05-25 17:06 - Keep helping us by sending us working nodes!

Dear Nova people and Crypto community. What a community you are!
We flagged some assets for delisting and asked you to get in touch with us on lonely nodes, and non-functioning wallets, of the assets about to be delisted.
Together we have saved MAGI (XMG) from delisting. MAGI will now continue be traded on Nova Exchange. Keep it coming everybody! We can save more coins.

Stay tuned for deposits opening on monday 28 may, afternoon CET. #cryptocurrency #novaexchange

2018-05-19 09:59 - Help us find public nodes for dead wallets

All the wallets with warnings on balance page are either missing nodes on the network or there have not been any new blocks found for a long time. If you have a working wallet with any of these altcoins, please contact support using email [email protected] so that we can add more working nodes to our configuration files. That will help all people who want to make withdrawal. Thank you for you help!

2018-05-18 10:25 - Deposits, deposits, deposits

Dear, loyal and patient(!) Nova customers.
Finally we have tremendous news to share with you. On the 28th of May we will open the market for deposits in the following currencies:
- Bitcoin
- Litecoin
- Dogecoin

So, trading is open. Later on you will be welcome to make deposits in other currencies. We are big on keeping our promises so this is what we want to promise you today.
May 28th is the day. (NOTE!!!: Please do remember that Nova Exchange is global, the exact time may vary depending on your current time zone)
We are very gratetful to have your trust and your patience.

More is coming....

Best wishes, Team Nova

2018-05-18 10:22 - De-listing of certain assets

Following the re-start of Nova Exchange, some assets will be de-listed. This means that if you hold one of these assets you will have a 30-day window starting today to withdraw funds.

To summarize:

1.Holders of assets to be de-listed have a 30-day window to withdraw funds and close their holdings.
2. After the 30-day window closes, the asset will be void and funds will be forfeited.

Assets to be delisted:

2018-05-11 14:49 - A message from the new owners

Dear customer, we'd like to take this time to thank you for your patience. Switching ownership, and handing over the daily operations, of a crypto exchange is a lot of work and there is not many with experience from it, out there. We’re working around the clock to get everything in order.

We have some news:

1. We are setting up proper KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) routines on Nova Exchange. For the unidentified account holder there will be a limit for withdrawal of 500 US dollars per day and customer.
If you need to withdraw more than 500 dollars at once this is perfectly possible, all you need to do is to provide us with some information and identify yourself with YOTI (download app here). You will find these settings under “Account” and “Contact & Verification level settings”.

We realise that this is an inconvenience, of course we do, but this is a necessary step to keep Nova in business, and growing!

2. Dice & Scratch functions are discontinued and shut down. We're sorry but us the new owners would need a gambling license to keep those features going. We might be forced to shut down completely if we did. We’re very sorry about this.

3. We will no longer be able to accept customers with citizenship and/or residence in the United States.

4. We will be accepting deposits real soon now. It is a matter of weeks.

2018-05-04 10:53 - DCR information

Withdrawals requests for DCR has to be processed manually, contact support [email protected] if you want to request withdrawals for DCR Decred

2018-05-03 11:40 - Updated ticker ATMS

ATMS has got updated ticker to ATMOS

2018-05-03 11:39 - Ticker change GPU -> NLX

GPU has got a new ticker, NLX, blockchain is still the same as GPU

2018-05-02 12:53 - Ticker change DAS -> TRIBE

DAS has got a new ticker, TRIBE, blockchain is still the same as DAS

2018-04-21 08:25 - Nova Exchange, now exclusive for previous users

Only the users that was able to register before we stopped registration in the end of 2017 and who has also accepted the new ToS of the new owners are now able to login. New owners will decide when to enable deposits, new user registration and start listing new coins. We hope you will enjoy the service from the new management and support team! Thank you for staying with Nova Exchange! /Good bye from old management and support team

2018-04-13 14:23 - Novaexchange INFO:

Nova is under new management. The world is moving towards a glorious future in crypto. You who are with us now are true pioneers! We have a few more adjustments to make before we can go full speed. Enjoy this soft launch for now. We will let you now the minute something happens. Have a great crypto day everybody!

2018-04-10 14:27 - Dnotes (NOTE) Swapping to new blockchain, information from developers

DNotes is performing a 1:1 coin swap to upgrade to DNotes 2.0. DNotesVault users coins have been swapped automatically. If you have coins on the exchange, please see our instructions here:
If you have any questions for the DNotes team, please contact them at [email protected]

2018-03-18 07:46 - Important: Nova will not close, but make sure to claim your account now

Honored customers, we have very good news. Last year, we made the tough decision to close down Nova, because it was growing so fast that we could not keep up and run the service in a proper and secure way. But, we never stopped looking for a way to keep Nova in business. We are very happy to announce that we have found new owners, that have the resources and the experience it takes (6+ years in crypto) to provide even more excellent service to you all. All you need to do to keep using Nova, right now, and later on, is to log in and approve the updated Terms of Service, here

Best Wishes to you all, and happy crypto trading.
Old & New Team Nova

2018-03-07 12:18 - Corgicoin - CORG info

Corgicoin CORG has got a new name, VADE, wallet and blockchain is still the same

2018-02-19 13:22 - BLAS - Blakestar information

BLAS - Blakestar has got a new name and ticker. New name Era, ticker ERA, wallet and blockchain is still the same as BLAS

2018-02-04 22:03 - Downtime information

In yesterday late evening, there was a unplanned downtime for Novaexchange for 22 hours, the issue is now solved and the site is working again. The main reason for this downtime, was that a networkswitch got broken, and disconnected a big part of our server centre from the outside world, this is now solved. We apologize for the occurrence

2018-01-31 15:19 - VUC Information - New wallet and chain

VUC developers has restarted the blockchain due to a lot of issues, wallet is new, and addresses is changed, old deposit addresses will not be avaliable and work anymore, please generate new addresses when deposits will be activated again at Novaexchange

2018-01-23 11:46 - LSC Name updated

LindasSisterCoin LSC has got a new name, Luminous, ticker is still the same, LSC

2018-01-16 17:13 - 1337 coin

1337 coin has got a new name "Elite", wallet and blockchain is still the same as before

2018-01-14 14:23 - Nova will NOT close its doors!

Honoured customers and crypto currency enthusiasts! You have been told a while ago now that we were planning to close down Nova Exchange in the beginning of 2018. We made this tough decision because Nova Exchange was growing at a speed, and in a way, that us, the founders, could not keep up with and run the business in a meaningful and secure way. Not wanting to make promises we might not be able to keep, we didn’t tell anyone, not anyone, that we never stopped looking for a way to keep going and keep Nova Exchange in business. So! We are so happy to announce that we have found a partner, a new main shareholder, willing and more importantly, able to carry on running Nova Exchange. The new owners, we have made sure, have the resources and the experience (6+ years in the business) it takes to provide excellent service to you all. We started negotiations and talks early in November last year, and now we can tell you the good news: The show will go on! More information will follow. In the meantime, just go keep on trading crypto. Best Wishes to you all!

2017-12-11 20:01 - Even more coins for delisting 2017-12-30

Acoin (ACOIN)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Advancedinternetblock (AIB)
Antimatter (ANTX)
Artexcoin (ATX)
Bitcoinfast (BCF)
BixcCoin (BIXC)
Bolivarcoin (BOLI)
Bsdbmoney (BSDB)
Bitok (BTK)
Coin2 (C2)
Bottlecaps (CAP)
Coolindarkcoin (CC)
Thechiefcoin (CHIEF)
Cryptolottotokens (CLT)
Concoin (CONX)
Debitcoin (DBTC)
Dronecoinv2 (DNCV2)
Ebittreecoin (EBT)
Edgarcoin (EDGAR)
Coinempz (EMPZ)
Experiencecoin (EPC)
Futuredigitalcurrency (FDC)
Futcoin (FUTC)
Fuzzcoin (FUZZ)
Grantlinecoin (GTLC)
Honey (HONEY)
ILoveYouCoins (ILY)
Woodcoin (LOG)
Mantracoin (MNC)
Mineum (MNM)
Master Swiscoin (MSCN)
Bitcentavo (NBE)
Nelsonmandela (NELSON)
NeptuneClassic (NTCC)
Ohrlycoin (ORL)
Putincoin (old chain) (PUTIN)
Sataycoin (SATAY)
Sojourn (SOJ)
Sweepstakecoin (SWEEP)
Thermocoin (THER)
Titcoin (TIT)
Virtacoin (VTA)
Wolfgangamadeusmozartcoin (WAM)
Cbits (XCT)
Goldenbirdcoin (XGB)
Zennies (ZENI)
Zombucks (ZOMB)

2017-12-11 18:52 - More coins for delisting 2017-12-30

Money ($$$)
Ganjacoin (420G)
700 (700)
Alexander iii magnus (A3M)
Abncoin (ABN)
Acescoin (ACES)
Anarchistprime (ACP)
Asiadigitalcoin (old chain) (ADCN)
Allion (ALL)
Amsterdamcoin (old chain) (AMS)
Amaxcoin (AMX)
Alpacoin (APC)
Aspirecoin (ASPIRE)
Athacoin (ATHA)
Bitcoini (BTCI)
BitcoinX (BTCX)
Buycoin (BUY)
Beavercoin (BVC)
Caninet (CAN)
Chillcoin (CHILL)
Cryptolottotokens (CLT)
Chronos (CRX)
Casinocoin (CSC)
Coimatic2 (CTIC2)
Copypasta (CTRLV)
Daricoin (DARI)
Dooblecoin (DBL)
Dollarcoin (DLC)
Donationcoin (DONATE)
Dotcoin (old chain) (DOT)
Disse (DSE)
Krypton (KR)
Kuwaitcoin (KUC)
Lisacoin (LISA)
Lizi (LIZI)
Malaysiacoin (MALC)
Mfhcoin (MFH)
Mousecoin (MICE)
Memorycoin (MMC)
Mavrodicoin (MMM)
Meteorcoin (MTC)
Maxocoin (MXC)
Number42 (N42)
Nutcoin (NUT)
Om (OOO)
Opalcoin (OPAL)
Orlycoin (ORLY)
Paris (PARIS)
Polobittshares (POLOB)
Rupaya (RUPX)
Shadowcoin (SDC)
Sevencoin (SEV)
Pirateblocks (SKULL)
Soapcoin (SOAP)
Staxcoin2 (STAX)
TattoocoinLimitedEdition (TLE)
Tittiecoin (TTC)
Tubecoin (TUBE)
Ukcoin (UKC)
Universalmolecule (UMO)
Gameunits (UNITS)
Vdub (VDUB)
Vaultcoin (VLTC)
Voxels (VOX)
Wayawolfcoin (WW)
Yaccoin (YACC)
Yovicoin (YOVI)
Zoincoin (ZCN)
Zlotycoin (ZLC)

2017-12-10 17:44 - Ongoing discussions with new owners

Discussions with new owners are going well and it seems very likely that there will be a simple way to migrate from old site to new site (same domain, just new management). Hopefully this will be ready around February 2018. More information will be published as soon as we know more.

2017-12-10 13:45 - Delisting of coins

A delisting of coins that have no active blockchain / not working well / no connections / 0 trading volumes / no stable nodes, is planned to be done 2017-12-30. For coins without connections, please send us a support ticket if you have working nodes to that currencies. If the wallet will be connected and the blockchain is working well and there is still interest for trading the coin, we will reconsider the delisting decision.

The coins that will be delisted at 2017-12-30:

020Londoncoin (020)
FirstBlood (1ST)
Adamcoin (ADAM)
Aliencoin (ALIEN)
Aragon (ANT)
Allsafe (ASAFE)
BasicAttentionToken (BAT)
Bancor (BNT)
BratRed (BRAT)
Bittoken (BXT)
Circuitcoin (CIR)
Clubcoin (CLUB)
Compcoin (CMP)
Checksum (CRC)
Civic (CVC)
Dentacoin (DCN)
Ebullioncoin (EBC)
Edgeless (EDG)
Environ (ENV)
Excelcoin (EXL)
FinallyUsableCryptoKarma (FUCK)
Funfair (FUN)
Gnosis (GNO)
Golem (GNT)
Inchcoin (INCH)
Ingot (INGT)
Insanecoin (INSANE)
Jockercoin (JOCKER)
Jokercoin (JOK)
Kangaroobits (KGB)
Lockcoin (LOCK)
Mcap (MCAP)
Makerdao (MKR)
MetalMusicCoin (MTLMC)
Netchaincoin (NTN)
OmiseGo (OMG)
Orlycoin (ORLY)
TenXPay (PAY)
PlusGoldUnionCoin (PGUC)
Piecoin (PIE)
Posinvestment (POSIV)
Puisecoin (PSC)
Qtum (QTUM)
Augur (REP) (RLC)
Scryptdashcoin (SDASH)
Singulardtv (SNGLS)
Statusnetwork (SNT)
Timereum (TME)
Tradercoin (TRDR)
W3C (W3C)
Weekendcoin (WEEK)
Wings (WINGS)
Xaurum (XAUR)
Xinfin (XDC)
Xfunk (XFUNK)

2017-12-07 08:04 - ERC20 tokens delisting

All ERC20 tokens has been marked for delisting for a while already, we have now decided date for actual delisting. All altcoins currently marked for delisting will be delisted 2017-12-31

2017-11-30 14:39 - Deposits is now disabled as earlier advertised

One last scan for incoming transactions will be done at 2017-12-15, after that, no new scanning will be done, and coins sent to Novaexchange after 2017-12-15 will be lost

2017-11-18 10:44 - SCAM!

More reports on being a scam. Please be careful! We can only do our best to keep your money safe with Novaexchange, once coins are transferred elsewhere there is nothing we can do.

2017-11-14 11:48 - Ongoing discussions with new owners

We are negotiating with new owners if we can avoid closing NovaExchange and instead allow them to migrate users and balances. More information will be published as soon as we know for sure what will happen.

2017-11-14 11:39 - Rumors are just rumors

Just to clarify, NovaExchange has NO relation or connections to coinpremine, hextrade or any other service provider or exchange. The new owners of NovaExchange will soon release information about the plans for NovaExchange. Only trust information that comes from official news page.

2017-10-30 12:09 - Intimation of closure of Novaexchange

Kindly note "Novaexchange" will have new owners and management effective April 2018, with major upgrades to the exchange to better handle scaling, stability and security.

For better management and security of customer funds we have decided to close down Novaexchange so that the users can withdraw all their funds with no participation/responsibility of action of the new management.

Preliminary plan:
2017-10-30 This information goes public, user registration closes, addcoin page closes, disabling deposits of ETC and ETH
2017-11-30 Deposits disabled for ALL coins, all users get level 3 verified account level
2017-12-15 ONE last deposit scan to take care of deposits made after 2017-11-30
2018-01-31 Email reminder to all registered users
2018-02-28 Trading engine stops, dice game stops, API stops
2018-03-31 Login stop, website replaced with information
2018-04-15 Support closes, all Novaexchange user data removed

Remaining user balances that has not been withdrawn before 2018-04-01 will be considered a donation and is not refundable.

2017-10-23 18:04 - GOKU update and changed ticker Information

Novaexchange GOKU wallet is updated to XGOX wallet, and has got changed ticker to XGOX

2017-10-16 11:52 - Future Bitcoin forks not supported

We are NOT supporting any upcoming or future bitcoin forks. We are only running Bitcoin Core wallet and no other Bitcoin forks will be supported in the future. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork was a one time only fork that we supported since Ledger Nano S had support for that fork.

2017-10-11 13:34 - Ticker change

MSP Matrixcoin has got changed ticker to MATRIX

2017-09-30 13:59 - DPOLD ticker change

DPOLD has got a new ticker and name, new ticker is DPC and new name Digital Price Classic

2017-09-30 11:59 - COLX Withdrawal information

COLX wallet seems not able to send small amounts. The minimum amount that we have got sent is 6 COLX from wallet, wallet rejects smaller amount than that.
Withdrawals of COLX that is requested at smaller amount than 6 will not be sent, marked as manual, and will be cancelled by Administrator.
Users that have got cancelled transactions is able to cancel them at withdrawal history page, and the amount will return back to users account
The maximum amount that COLX wallet is able to handle is 20 000 000, withdrawal requests over 20M will also be marked as manual and processed by Administrator

2017-09-08 18:31 - New blockexplorer for ATCC

Now there is an better and easier blockexplorer for ATCC to use.
ATCC Blockexplorer

2017-09-07 16:23 - Tickerchange DP -> DPOLD

Ticker for Digitalprice DP has been changed to DPOLD, and coinname to Digitalpriceold, because a new Digitalprice coin is created.

2017-09-07 10:16 - 2FA/MFA

We want to remind the importance of securing your account with 2FA / MFA, to reduce the risk of someone taking over your account.

2017-09-06 18:54 - Information

Nova Technology Limited is NOT connected or has NO affiliation with,,  Nova Technology Limited is a completely different company if customer support agents from are saying to see Nova that is incorrect information.

2017-09-06 16:06 - Check blockexplorer

Before posting a ticket to support about transactions with atcc, please check blockexplorer:
Do not send any support tickets without TXID, a TXID is the receipt of that the transaction has been sent.
This is not only for atcc, this apply for all currencys.

2017-09-04 19:00 - DON'T TRUST CRYPTOINBOX.COM

We have got reports about both withdrawals from that never was sent and deposits to them that never is accounted for. We advice users NOT to trust their services.

2017-09-01 21:26 - In TXID we trust!

Any transaction without txid hasn't happened. It is as simple as that. We have had many users asking us about deposits that didn't arrive to Novaexchange. But when asking for txid there are no more details to trace the transaction. Especially transactions from seems to have issues. Please make sure you have a txid BEFORE you contact support, without that we can't help you.

2017-08-28 12:09 - ERC20 still in maintenance. no ETA

Scanning the newly resynced Ethereum blockchain will take time and many transactions has to be manually processed so at the moment we have no ETA for when we can take ERC20 tokens out of maintenance.

2017-08-28 12:07 - ETH and ETC no longer in maintenance

Our Ethereum blockchains has now resynced and are no longer in maintenance. You can now do withdrawals and deposits of ETH and ETC as usual.

2017-08-26 11:46 - Fiat Currency

We have heard rumors that people selling currency in Novas name for FIAT currency (INR, USD, EUR). We do not have anything with this people to do, we recommend all Nova users to be very careful when buying currency from other people.
Novaexchange do not sell any currency for INR, USD, EUR.

2017-08-22 19:48 - ERC20, ETH and ETC status

The change of storage switch was successful. Ethereum blockchains has to be resynced and this affects both ETC and ETH as well as all ERC20 tokens that are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

2017-08-21 23:36 - Wallets temporarly unavaliable

We are experiencing hardware failure in a storage switch and therefor lost connectivity to our wallet storage. We have ordered a new storage switch that is expected to arrive within 12-24 hours. All wallets will be kept in maintenance until resolved.

2017-08-19 09:55 - TME token delisting

TME token has caused more support than all other altcoins together lately and we have decided to mark it for delisting. If we find a solution to the problems with TME we might abort the delisting.

2017-08-11 22:17 - Ethereum wallet upgrade and resync completed

The upgrade and resync of the Ethereum wallet has been completed and ETH and all ERC20 tokens are no longer in maintenance.

2017-08-08 12:36 - Delisting of coins 2017-09-30

A bigger delisting of coins that not have active blockchains / not working well / have no connections to wallet / have 0 trading volumes, is planned to be done 2017-09-30.
For coins without connections, please send us a support ticket if you have working nodes to that currencies. If the wallet will be connected and the blockchain is working well and there is still interest for trading the coin, we will reconsider the delisting decision.

The coins that will be delisted at 2017-09-30 is this coins:

1CR, 1Credit
ACRN, Acorn
ALC, Arableaguecoin
APT, Aptcoin
AU, Aurumcoin
BB, Blackbit
BB2, Blackbit2
BDY, Buddy2
BEST, Bestchain
BGNR, Beginnercoin
BLRY, Billarycoin
BTCHC, Bitcoinhashcore
CALC, Caliphcoin
CAR, Careercoin
CBC, Charliebrowncoin
CDY, Coinsdaddy
CFC, Coffeecoin
CRBIT, Creditbit (old chain)
CTIC, Coimatic
CTV, Creativecoin
DEMON, Demon
DUX, Duxcoin
DXO, Dxocoin
EGAME, Egame
EMPC, Coinempzclassic
EVA, Evacoin
FT, Futuretrendcoin
GEOT, Geotoken
GSK, Giskcoin
HEXA, Hexagon
HVCO, Highvoltagecoin
I0C, I0coin
JWL, Jewels
KLC, Kilocoin
LAGA, Lastgame
LEO, Leocoin
LYCN, Lycaonpictus
MCC, Madafakacrewcoin
MGLC, Gulfcoin
MONEY, Moneycoin
NNC, Nanoteccoin
ORO, Orocoin
PAPAFR, Papafransescocoin
PHX, Phenax
PUTIC, Putinclassic
RH, Rhcoin
RYCN, Royalcoin
SHIT, Shitcoin
SHOW, Showcoin
SIMP, Simplecash
SLCO, Silco
SPN, Spartancoin
STC, Sustaincoin
STKG, Stakeking
STX, Staxcoin
SWAV, Scryptwaves
SYNQ, Bitsynq
TAKE, Takencoin
TDC, Tradingcoin
THOM, ThomasJeffersoncoin
TIC, Trueinvestmentcoin
TMPO, Tempo
TRGC, Tradeguidercoin
ULM, Unlimitedcoin
UNDEV, Undev
UTRMP, Utrump
VEIL, Veilcoin
VENTC, Venture
VTY, Victoriouscoin
WMC, WMcoin
WOK, Workercoin
X2C, Xecoin
XB, Bitcryptcoin
XBTS, Beatcoin
XCCC, Cicciolinacoin
XCHE, Checoin
XCR, Crinklecoin
XEN, Xenixcoin
XGLC, Gulfcoin
XPN, Ponycoin
XPZ, Plasmacoin
XUM, Luminositycoin
XXX, Xxxcoin
YOP, Yopony

2017-08-07 14:26 - KASHH in maintenance

The KASHH wallet are in maintenance and we currently have no estimate on how long the import of private keys will take.

2017-08-05 19:33 - Info about BCH network

BCH chain is still slow, be patience with the withdrawals and deposits, please check your transacion at block Explorer.
Block explorer

2017-08-02 08:30 - Bitcoin cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been released as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. All user BTC balances from August 1 at 12:20 UTC time was used to credit BTC holders with equal amount of BCH. Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash wallets will still be in maintenance until both blockchains are considered safe and reliable.

2017-07-30 10:15 - Augur (REP) contract address change

REP Augur deposit addresses has been disabled due to contract address changes from 0x48c80F1f4D53D5951e5D5438B54Cba84f29F32a5 to the new address 0xE94327D07Fc17907b4DB788E5aDf2ed424adDff6. The old contract address is now frozen and no new transactions may be used to go through that contract. As a measure you will have to generate a new REP address in order to deposit REP to Novaexchange.

Read more here: Augor Blog

2017-07-30 07:58 - Planned datacenter maintenance

On Thursday, August 3, there will be a planned maintencance in the datacenter where Novaexchange is hosted. During this time the website will be offline. Downtime is expecte to be about 1-3 hours. Once we know exact times we will let you know.

2017-07-28 11:53 - Bitcoin Cash ticker update

Because of existing Bitconnect (BCC) and the information from Kraken and Bitfinex we will use ticker/symbol BCH for Bitcoin Cash instead of previously suggested BCC.

2017-07-24 23:00 - Recent forks in NTCC and SOCC

There have been recent forks where we had to recover the original blockchain using checkpoints in the wallet source. NTCC: and SOCC:

2017-07-14 15:00 - Some orderbooks was accidentally emptied

When removing and adding markets there was a mistake causing some markets to be closed that was not supposed to be closed. When they were activated once again the orderbooks was empty. All orders was automatically cancelled and refunded to users account balances. Sorry for this, luckily only a few active markets was affected by this.

2017-07-11 23:31 - Ethereum (ETH) support, finally here.

Today we launched Ethereum support and base markets. ERC20 Token support is in the works aswell. Enjoy!

2017-07-06 14:46 - FETISH updated ticker to FETSH

FETISH has been updated to the correct ticker FETSH

2017-06-29 14:50 - EUROPE changed ticker to EUUC

Europe coin has got changed ticker to EUUC due to big risk for mixing together with another coin with similar name

2017-06-16 18:28 - ASAFE swap was exclusive for Livecoin

We were not informed about the swap from ASAFE to ASAFE2 that happened a few days ago on Livecoin exchange. The ASAFE developers had decided to make this swap exclusively for Livecoin users. We will support both ASAFE and ASAFE2 but as long as developers don't offer any ASAFE2 for swap we can't offer that possibility to our users. On thir bitcointalk page ( they write that 6029732,74928 ASAFE2 was sent to for swapping all their user balances. No other exchange has been offered this possibility.

2017-06-11 19:50 - New MFA / 2FA / Google Authenticator improvements

We have changed the functionality in how the MFA / 2FA / Google Authenticator works, it should now be more flexible to allow a little more flexibility in your local time on your auth device. The errors many of you have experienced in the past should now be solved.

2017-05-19 13:02 - Delisting of coins

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 30 June 2017
Some of the coins has no connection to wallet, or no active network (last block for many months ago), withdrawals will only be sent from us, but not reach the receiving wallet if blockchain is stucked, blockchain has to be moved for withdrawals should work on coins with delayed blockchains

If any user has working nodes to some of the coins without connection to network, please send us an e-mail with working nodes, so we can make withdrawals possible of this coins

Coins that will be delisted:

2017, 2017
ACPR, Acespro
ADN, Aiden
BCF, Bitcoinfast
BSTAR, Blackstar
BUK, Cryptobuck V1
DCC, Dancecoin
DNC, Dinocoin
GCH, Givecash
GOLF, Golfcoin
GOON, Goonies
HBN, Hobonickels
IGO, Igocoin
KING, Kingcoin
LIV, Liviacoin
MX, Matrix
NBX, Nbit
NODC, Nodecoini
NOVUS, Novuscoin
RPT, Realpointcoin
RBIT, Returnbit
RUB, Rubble
SANDG, SaveAndGain
SCN, Swiscoin V1
SILK, Silkcoin
SKEL, SNC, Sincerecoin
SPORT, Sportscoin
TRADE, Tradecoin V1
XJC, Caesarcoin
XJM, Moneta
VGINA, Vginacoin (v1)

2017-05-12 14:19 - Withdrawal Information!

Many users request withdrawal without confirming it in the e-mail that is sent out.

A withdrawal will not be processed until confirmed by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail. If the link is no longer valid, please cancel your withdrawal on the "Wallets / Current Transactions" page and request a new withdrawal.

2017-04-29 18:42 - ATCOIN ticker change to ATCC

Ticker has been changed for AtcCoin from ATCOIN to ATCC after request from developers

2017-04-24 21:58 - VSYNC Ticker update

VSYNC is updated to correct ticker XVS

2017-04-20 10:35 - MGLC Maintenance and trade stopped

MGLC is in maintenance mode and tradig is stopped after request from developer

2017-04-14 15:35 - CRBIT swapping

CRBIT will move to ETH based wallet, we have unfortunately no support for ETH based wallets and can't do a swap, Swap can be done on
Guide for swapping

2017-04-14 14:06 - Gulfcoin relaunched as MGLC

Gulfcoin is relaunced from developers with ticker MGLC, XGLC is marked for delisting after request and only withdrawals is possible

2017-04-11 12:50 - Ticker update 2FLAV -> FLVR

2FLAV has new ticker, FLVR, after request from developers


Do NOT deposit or withdraw TLE between Novaexchange and Yobit, Yobit's TLE wallet is synced on wrong blockchain and your coins will be lost!!!

2017-04-10 16:22 - Ticker update TATO -> TSE

Tattoocoin has updated ticker from TATO to TSE after request from developer

2017-04-05 13:53 - TPAY new name and Ticker

Trollplay has been renamed to ALLION with new ticker ALL after request from developers

2017-03-29 19:33 - Basemarket update

PIGGY basemarket will in some time be closed, and replaced by MOON basemarket, due to low trading volumes

2017-03-28 14:50 - GulfCoin information - Relaunch

Gulfcoin will be relaunched by developer, more information is coming about this, markets is stopped

2017-03-26 15:23 - RPT Coin information

By request from RPT developers, we have temporary stopped all transactions and trading on RPT coin

2017-03-21 19:48 - New coinswaps

For our users, Novaexchange is offering an exclusive Coinswap to swap out existing balance of dead coins, with dead network for other, working coins, more information can be found on our Coinswap page found at "Wallets / Coinswap service"
At this moment we offer swaps for: CHUNK, CRAB, HIVE, JW, MIN, PONZ, RADI, RVC, TKN, XED and P7C.
Swapping these coins will be possible until 2017-04-10, and more swaps for more currencies that we be delisted will come up 2017-04-15

2017-03-17 13:18 - Delisting of coins

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 30 April 2017
Most of the coins has no connection to wallet, or no active network (last block for many months ago)

If any user has working nodes to some of these coins without connection to network, please send us an e-mail with working nodes, so we can make withdrawals possible

Coins that will be delisted:

CHUNK, Chunk
CNO, Coino
CRAB, Crabcoin
DIEM, CarpeDiemCoin
EMIRG, Emiratesgold
FNX, Fenixcoin
FRT, Sirdanielfortesque
FSX, Frost
GOLD, Goldencoin
HIVE, Hive
HOC, Huobicoin
JOBS, Jobscoin
JW, Johnniewalkercoin
KTN, Karmatoken
KUBO, Kubos
MIN, Miningeth
NEOS, Neoscoin
NLC, NoLimitCoin (v1)
PONZ, Ponzi
Q2C, Qubitcoin
RADI, Radical
REE, Reecoin
RVC, Revcoin
TGC, Thegcccoin (v1)
TKN, Trolltokens
UB, Universalbookingcoin
XED, Demoncoin
NBIT, Netbit
XYOC, Yocoinclassic
P7C, P7Coin
TELL, Tellurion

2017-03-16 12:40 - Coinswap TGC -> GCC

Developers for GCC coin offers a coinswap to Novaexchange users, to swap out existing balance on Novaexchange from old TGC coin that will be closed after this coinswap ends.

We only have coin supply for swap of existing balance in Novaexchange users accounts, and no new deposits can be made.
For more questions about old TGC coin, we refer to TGC / GCC developers.
Total coinsupply is even decreased from 124 000 000 000 for TGC to 2 400 000 000 for the new GCC coin

2017-02-16 19:41 - MSCN wallet in Maintenance

Random transactions will not get confirms on the MSCN Network
We have contact MSCN Dev and waiting for a solution for thiis issues

2017-02-10 17:17 - DNET -> PIVX

Darknet has new name and ticker, PIVX, make sure your wallet is up-to-date

2017-02-10 16:01 - TGC Market information

TGC Market is been closed and TGC putted in Maintenance mode after request from TGC-developers due to wallet issues

Developers is working on an urgent wallet-update for TGC
Stay tuned for more information

2017-02-06 11:22 - Regarding Swiscoin SCN wallet on Novaexchange

Novaexchange updated the wallet a few days after the SCN blockchain hack took okace which rolled back the chain over 30 days. After a lot of help with the dev they released a new version which includes checkpoints to the chain. Novaexchange is running the official and working version of the SCN wallet - so far nothing has showned that our wallet has any issues. We are in contact with the dev to sort out any remaining questions.

If you are unsure about our SCN version - please contact support and we will answer your questions.

2017-02-01 07:25 - Stake your Novapoints

You may withdraw and stake your Novapoints. And if you do not have any Novapoints you can get some in the BTC_NPOINT market.

Download the wallets here:

Happy staking

2017-01-24 20:32 - Spectrecoin - Updated ticker -

Ticker for Spectrecoin is updated from SPEC to XSPEC after request from Spectrecoin Developers

2017-01-13 10:08 - TAO ticker update to XTO

Ticker for TAO is changed to correct ticker XTO

2017-01-12 23:16 - SPEC Spectrecoin important information

There is an old coin running with ticker SPEC, our Spectrecoin (SPEC) currency is a newly released coin!!
Be sure that you send your SPEC transaction from correct blockchain

Check walletversion and blockheight before deposit or withdraw coins to make sure you are doing the transaction on correct blockchain!!

Novaexchange will not replace lost coins depending on transactions sended from wrong blockchain

2017-01-11 16:51 - XENIXCOIN - Solution found for broken transactions from C-CEX

We now have a wallet avaliable that is synced on C-CEX fork of Xenixcoin blockchain to help our users get lost coins back, depended on the Xenixcoin multiple blockchains running.
This wallet is only accessible by administrators and to get your lost XEN back, all affected users had to contact us on e-mail:
[email protected]

To get your transaction sent back to C-CEX you will have to provide the following information to us:
Your Novaexchange XEN depositaddress for the broken transaction
Txid for the broken transaction
Your C-CEX Xenixcoin depositaddress

When we have validated your transaction details we will send the transaction back to your C-CEX address and respond on e-mail with txid for the transaction, our target is to process all requests of XEN transactions within 48 hours after requested.

2017-01-11 08:33 - Delisting of coins

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 28 February 2017
Most of the coins has no connection to wallet, if any user has working nodes to some of these coins, please send us an e-mail, so withdrawals can be possible

Coins that will be delisted:

ARI, Aricoin
ARI2, Aricoin2
BTC21, Bitcoin21
CHOOF, Choofcoin
COX, Cobracoin
DIFF, Difficultycoin
GHS, Ghscoin
HUN, Hundredcoin
KANE, Kanecoin
MIN, Miningeth
MOJO, MojocoinV2
NEOS, Neoscoin
RADI, Radical
XAB, TheAltcoinBoard
XPAY, Xpay
ZECD, Zcashdark

2017-01-09 22:10 - Increased fee on IFC withdrawals

The fee on Infinitecoin transactions has increased by IFC wallet to 200 IFC per withdrawal, regardless of size on the withdrawal.
For that reason, we had to increase our withdrawal fee to 200 IFC per withdrawal

2016-10-12 00:16 - ARI, CJ and TPG Base markets will close.

The basemarkets of ARI, CJ and TPG will close down due to low trading volumes. The will be closed 19th October 2016 and any open orders will be automatically closed and funds returned to your account.

New markets will take their place - to be announced at a later time.

2016-10-06 16:14 - Delisting of coins

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 22nd October 2016. AMC, Angelamerkelcoin
BTCS, Bitcoinscrypt
CHRG, Charged
CLINT, Clinton
DCK, Dickcoin
ELC, Elacoin
FLX, Flashcoin
GAY, Gaycoin
IBANK, iBankcoin
LIFE, Lifecoin
MARV, Marvelous
RCX, Redcrowcoin
RED, Redcoin
SIC, Smartinvestcoin
VENE, Venecoin
VGC, Vegascoin
WLC, Worldleadcurrency
XNLC, Nonolivescoin

2016-10-03 19:32 - ZCoin ticker update ZCOIN to XZC

Changed the wrongly ticker ZCOIN to XZC which is the correct and official one, any orders placed has been closed. Please create new orders!

2016-09-16 11:05 - Renamed tickers

The following coins has their ticker renamed:


2016-09-10 23:48 - Espers (old chain) markets will close

Espers (old chain) markets will close in the next following days. All open orders will be automatically closed and you will be recommended to swap your old Espers for new Espers in the coinswap page.

2016-09-10 23:48 - Espers (new chain) markets is open

Espers (new chain) markets have opened using the same trading pairs as the old chain.

2016-09-10 08:32 - Espers swap incoming

Espers is planning a swap 10:1 starting today going two months. Novaexchange is having a dialog with the devs and to try to make this transaction smooth for everyone.

The ESP Markets will stay open until the swap is completed.
Espers2 (lets call it that for now), markets will open when Novaexchange get the source code

Stay tuned for more information in how Novaexchange will take part in this swap.

2016-09-04 13:52 - New feature, trash balance.

If you have a very small amount that you cannot trade or withdraw, consider trashing it. It will reset your balance to zero and give you a cleaner list when hiding zero balances. The coins trashed will be a donation to Novaexchange.

2016-09-01 12:18 - Some new listed older coins! Welcome!

The following coins has been marked for delisting, they will be delisted 30 June 2017
Some of the coins has no connection to wallet, or no active network (last block for many months ago), withdrawals will only be sent from us, but not reach the receiving wallet if blockchain is stucked, blockchain has to be moved for withdrawals should work on coins with delayed blockchains

If any user has working nodes to some of the coins without connection to network, please send us an e-mail with working nodes, so we can make withdrawals possible of this coins

Coins that will be delisted:

2017, 2017
ACPR, Acespro
ADN, Aiden
BCF, Bitcoinfast
BSTAR, Blackstar
BUK, Cryptobuck V1
DCC, Dancecoin
DNC, Dinocoin
GCH, Givecash
GOLF, Golfcoin
GOON, Goonies
HBN, Hobonickels
IGO, Igocoin
KING, Kingcoin
LIV, Liviacoin
MX, Matrix
NBX, Nbit
NODC, Nodecoini
NOVUS, Novuscoin
RPT, Realpointcoin
RBIT, Returnbit
RUB, Rubble
SANDG, SaveAndGain
SCN, Swiscoin V1
SILK, Silkcoin
SKEL, Skeletoncoin
SNC, Sincerecoin
SPORT, Sportscoin
TRADE, Tradecoin V1
XJC, Caesarcoin
XJM, Moneta
VGINA, Vginacoin V1

2016-08-19 20:32 - Coins that will be delisted 31th August 2016

Check the balances page for which coins are marked for delisting and withdraw any balance you have. The coins will be delisted 31th August 2016.

$TRA, Tetra
404, 404coin
42, 42 Coin
ASPIRE, Aspirecoin
BITS, Bitstar
BRAIN, Braincoin
BRDD, Bearddollars
BRXT, Brexit
CLAM, Clams
EXC, Extremecoin
FIBRE, Fibre
FWEE, Fweebies
GBT, Gamebetcoin
IEC, Ivugeocoin
INV, Invictus
LAB, ScienceChain
MCASH, Multimillionaire
MYR, Myriadcoin
N7, Number7
OCOW, Onecoinoneworld
OMC, Omnicoin
PSP, Pospro
RADS, Radium
RBC, Robocoin
SHREK, Shrekcoin
SIL, Sixeleven
STA, Stakerscoin
TRC, Terracoin
VRC, Vericoin
XYAY, Yaycoin2016
YAY, Yaycoin (original)

If Novaexchange is missing nodes for any of the coins listed here, please provide nodes to successfully make the withdrawals.

2016-07-16 17:51 - KUBO Kuboscoin has been updated

KUBO Kuboscoin has been updated to the latest version.

2016-07-16 12:05 - CSC Casinocoin has been updated

CSC Casinocoin has been updated to the latest version, you may find the source here: ANN Thread

2016-07-08 08:00 - IMPORTANT! Fedoracoin TIPS listed is on the new correct forked chain.

Fedoracoin (TIPS) listed on Novaexchange is using the new forked chain which is the correct chain. See for more information. The community have decided to fork the chain due to the problems with TIPS the last few months. Depositing or withdrawing TIPS must have the correct chain, upgrading the wallet will loose any coins earned after the fork only. Any coins earned before the fork will still reside in your wallet.
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