• What to consider before making withdrawals
  • The Withdrawal confirmation email
  • Withdrawal waiting time
  • Where can I monitor my withdrawal?
  • Where can I see my withdrawal History?
  • Are there any withdrawal fees?
  • Manual Withdrawal?
  • What is the daily withdrawal limit?
  • What to consider before making withdrawals.

    Before making the withdrawals it is VERY important to check:

    • That you inserted the correct address of the coin AND
    • That the address is intended for the correct coin and blockchain AND
    • To check the status of the coin.

    In order to assure that your withdrawal will arrive to its destination and you won't lose your funds, please make sure that you make your withdrawal only when the green ticket symbol stating "All OK!" is enabled next to the coin. When a withdrawal has been confirmed through the confirmation e-mail, then that transaction is irretrievable. If the address was wrong, then there is NOTHING Nova Exchange can do about it. This is one case where we cannot help you if there was a mistake.

    If you have any worries, do contact the support team.

    The withdrawal confirmation email.

    Whenever you make a withdrawal a confirmation email will be sent to you.

    IMPORTANT: You MUST click the verification link in the order email to proceed with the withdrawal. The transaction is irreversible once you click the link. Your confirmation email is valid for six hours. There is a slight possibility that your confirmation email ends up in your spam folder, so we recommend to always look for the confirmation email in your spam folder if at first you do not receive it. If you still cannot find an email, try cancelling the order and redo the withdrawal. If there seems to be any problem, and you need to ask some questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Withdrawal waiting time.

    Withdrawals (and deposits) might take a from a few minutes up to sometimes hours. On our end, we process withdrawals every 15 minutes, but you should be aware that crypto assets are fickle in some ways. It would be wrong of us to provide a single promise to cover all assets listed on Nova Exchange, because not all parts of the transaction process is in our hands. The time for a transaction to happen, depends entirely on the blockchain of that asset and how often new blocks are being found (See our Getting Started Tab).

    This is a standard process that crypto assets follow in order to secure the authenticity of the transactions, and to prevent double spending possibilities. When delays happen on a blockchain there is very little or even nothing we can do, it is up to the network and/or the developers of the asset. If you have any worries regarding a withdrawal you should get in touch with us.

    Where can I monitor my withdrawal?

    To find your ongoing withdrawals, go to Account > Ongoing deposits and withdrawals. Every pending withdrawal and deposit should be visible there.

    Withdrawal History.

    To find your withdrawal history go to Account > Withdrawal History.

    Are there any withdrawal fees?

    There is a small transaction fee. This is required by the individual blockchain network, in order for any transaction to execute. The fee varies from coin to coin and this fee is paid by the user.

    Withdrawal of high amounts

    Nova Exchange has security layers to provide good user protection. If a user decides to withdraw a quite high amount of a certain coin, we will need to process the transaction manually. This process is quite quick and it is a routine to ensure the safety of your funds.

    What is the daily withdrawal limit?

    The daily limits for withdrawals is based on the level of identity verification of each user. In order to make daily withdrawals in excess of certain amounts, you might need to strengthen your relation to Nova Exchange via a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

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