Verify CMG

A Nova Exchange CMG (short for Coin Master General) is a member of Nova staff assigned to engage with the developers and community of a certain digital asset listed on Nova Exchange. You can get in touch with a CMG in several channels. To make sure you are dealing with a TRUE representative of Nova, check his or her Bio for a link to this page and verify the handle or nickname in the list below.

  • Rnrmines
  • Rsj91
  • Dashimalay
  • Challenger
  • Snaker
  • Titanium
  • DBot
  • Rnrmines

    Telegram: RnRMines


    Discord: Rsj91#4193
    Telegram: Rsj91
    Twitter: @rsj28491


    Discord: dasHimalay#9942
    Telegram: dasHimalay
    Twitter: @Dashimalay1


    Discord: CHALLENGER#8742
    Telegram: CharlesMg


    Discord: Snaker#5896
    Telegram: Snaker19


    Discord: Titanium#5913
    Telegram: Titanium3000


    Discord: den#9822
    Telegram: den9822

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