• What to consider before making deposits.
  • Make a Deposit (IMPORTANT)
  • What is the deposit waiting time at Nova Exchange?
  • Are there any deposit fees?
  • Do you support debit or credit cards?
  • What to consider before making deposits.

    It is very important to always check the status of the coin before making a deposit. In order to assure that your deposit will arrive to its destination and you won't lose your funds, please make sure that you deposit only when the green ticket symbol stating "All OK!" is enabled next to the coin.

    Make a Deposit (IMPORTANT).

    Once you are logged in to your Nova Exchange account, go to Wallets > Balances. From there you will generate a deposit address to transfer the amount of that coin to your account - simply press the "+ Add" button to the left of the asset. Another option is to scroll down, expand the coins menu and find the "Deposit" option. From there you can generate a deposit address that you can use to transfer the specific amount of that coin to your account - There you will find a menu for every crypto asset that we support.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that every crypto asset is different as they are using different blockchains and addresses, and depositing your asset to the wallet address of another asset will result in the LOSS OF YOUR FUNDS. It's like if you were throwing your cash into the wrong deposit box. Always DOUBLE CHECK that the depositing address is the correct one. Also Important!! Also check the Block height number on the exchange to make sure that your wallet is synced with the exchange wallet. If there is an issue or missmatch, please check the ann, bitcointalk or contact the developer of the coin for proper advice and guidance. A good and competent developer will help you get your wallet back on the proper blockheight if possible.

    What is the deposit waiting time at Nova Exchange?

    Deposits (and withdrawals) might take from a few minutes to some time hours. Crypto assets are sometimes fickle. It would be wrong of us to provide one promise to cover all assets listed on Nova Exchange, because not all parts of the process is in our hands. The time for a transaction to happen, depends entirely on the blockchain and how often new blocks are being found (See our Getting Started Tab). This is a standard process that crypto assets follow in order to secure the authenticity of the transaction, and to prevent a double spending possibility. When delays happen on a blockchain there is very little or even nothing we can do.

    Are there any deposit fees?

    There are no deposit fees on Nova Exchange. However if you make a deposit, and record no trades for some time, your funds may enter our custody program and be subject to a small holding fee (or hodl-fee as crypto enthusiast like to call it).

    Do you support debit or credit cards?

    At the moment, no.

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